Doctor Alfonso Maria Irollo is a gynecologist who specializes in Medically Assisted Procreation and has focused his expertise in embryonic implantation. Since April 2010 until today, he is head of the MAP center Chianciano Salute spa, considered by the ISS health organization as one of the top clinics in Italy for the MAP technique.
He is founder of “Omnia Fertilitatis”, an organization dedicated to the study and the therapy of fertility in couples, in which the objective is to help the path towards pregnancy in the quickest way possible without disturbing the couple’s daily life sustaining them with a multidisciplinary embryological and psychological team “Omnia Fertilitatis” that directs clinics and MAP (medically assisted procreation) centers some of which have financial support from the national health care system, assuring complete financial coverage.

Doctor Alfonso Maria Irollo in 1982 completed the Classical High School at Militare Nuziatella di Napoli and in 1989 he received his medical degree in Medicine and Surgery at the II Polyclinic in Naples. In June of 1990 he joined the Albo Professionale dei Medici Chirurghi dell’Ordine ( medical and surgical group) in the province of Naples and in October of 1996 he specialized in Gynecology and Obstetrics at the I Polyclinic of Naples.
From 1992 to 2000 he was a medical assistant at the USL 32 which then became the ASL. Up until 2004 he was in active service as the medical director of the ASL NA 2. Since 1999, he has been director of the Authorized Private Center at the Metodiche di Procreazione Assistita “AGOI” (Methodologies of Assisted Procreation). Since 2007 he has been director of the Authorized Center of Methodologies of Assisted Procreation on a private scheme “OPC” Naples and from 2004 to 2010 he was director of the MAP CDM center.
Since April 2010 he has been director of the MAP Chianciano Salute spa, considered by the ISS health organization as one of the top clinics in Italy for the MAP technique. He has published several scientific articles, has been a speaker and moderator for numerous medical conventions accredited to the ECM (CME) and has participated in numerous international and international courses and conventions.
He has been president of PA.ME.GE.I.S.S since 2013, a scientific partnership dedicated to sterility and genetics of Mediterranean countries. He implemented his experience collaborating with primary MAP centers in Spain and Greece in which he to this day still collaborates professionally and scientifically. His medical degrees are also recognized in Switzerland.
Doctor Alfonso Maria Irollo possesses a vast casuistry of Assisted Procreation Methodsin vitro carried out at the Villa del Sole Clinic in Naples and the Ruesch Clinic in Naples and for the last 10 years at the AGOI and the CHIANCIANO SALUTE. Furthermore, he possesses a vast casuistry of surgical procedures for functional restoration of the female reproductive apparatus and endoscopes at the Villa Stabia Clinic, C/mare of Stabia and the Clinica Chianciano Salute SpA of Chianciano Terme.

These are his clinics:

Omnia Salute Milano
Scientific Euromedica Institute S.r.l.
Via P. Lomazzo, 5
20154 – Milano
Tel. 0578 62713

Omnia Fertilitatis Roma
Via di Villa Massimo 8
Tel 0669305982

Chianciano Salute SpA Chianciano Terme (SI)
Via Concetto Marchesi 73
Tel 0578 62713

AGOI Gragnano
via Roma 137/141 Gragnano Na
Tel 081 8014100