The direct participation of the Chianciano Salute with the foreign banks and the international plurennial experience of Dr. Alfonso Maria Irollo, the founder and director of the clinic, has allowed them to possess an ample supply of oocytes and sperm, to which has been added, overtime, an ever increasing willingness of the Italians to donate gametes.


There is no waiting time at the Chianciano Salute Eterologa apart from the time necessary for the preparation of the female to receive the embryo.
This is all possible thanks to the appropriate route taken for this particular procedure that in 3 easy steps leads to implementation of the technique.

1 step: First visit with the specialist for a careful anamnestic evaluation, after which a diagnostic program is set up and the types of heterologous techniques are described.

2 step: The following through with the diagnostic procedures all in the same appointment, personalization of the treatment with particular attention to the study of individual mechanisms of the embryonic implantation, signing of the consensus forms, which will allow the search for donors in our banks.

3 step : Implementation of the technique with preparation of the procedure with visits in the area where you live and 1 or 2 visits at the Chianciano Salute based on the type of technique.

Time frame from consultation to transfer 1-3 months