The main advantage of the heterologous technique is to easily obtain good quality embryos. The main obstacle is the embryonic implantation in which the heterologous technique has little effect. So it is important to study both the couple and the mechanics of embryo implantation.

Embryonic implantation is a complex mechanism in which the morphology of the endometrium, the balance between pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines, a modulation of the immune system, an adequate provision of guaranteed oxygen from the vascular system and the capacity to stimulate the angiogenesis all take part.
It is possible to study all parts of the mechanics of this process at the Chianciano Salute Clinic through hysteroscopy, genetic implant predisposition test, silent inflammation test, oxygenation test, microbiota test, zymotic implant test and embryo toxicity test. They are in addition innovative therapeutic treatments capable of influencing the implant mechanism and therefor the outcome increasing the possibility of success: ME.P.I., HAROT, Additional Uterine Washing For Embrio, microbiota terapy, sildenafil terapy and ketogenic diets.