The Omnia Fertilitatis is an organizational leader in Italy that operates in the field of human sterility in Italy making use of their own MAP centers, human genetic labs and gynecological exam centers.

The use of pharmacogenetics, nutrigenomics, the innovative study techniques, embryonic implantion therapy and the study of the immune response of the embryo have allowed us in time to obtain excellent results and above all to achieve an accurate personalization of the treatment. All this was made so that the central organizational center, that is the Chianciano Salute becomes an important reference point in Italy for the treatment of human sterility.

There is a team ready to assist patients residing a long way from the clinic concentrating the work to be done in fewer appointments so as to reduce the time needed to complete the diagnostic- therapeutic process and to obtain success for the common goal. The birth of a new life.

Toscana, where the Chianciano Salute is located, is one of the most loved regions in Italy by Italian tourists and foreigners and its central location in Italy makes it a perfect home base to explore all of Italy’s beauty.

Having said that, L’OmniaFertilitatis offers its services in Italy as well as abroad creating a sort of health tourism of excellence; a therapeutic program that combines highly qualified and specialized treatment with an incisive physical and psychological pathology. A pleasant period of relax and culture.

Omnia Fertilitatis infact, offers a special “package”, at a considerably competitive cost: treatment for sterile couples through the use of sophisticated techniques and procedures combined with a vacation, during which the patients can, with a local guide, visit the beautiful landscapes and monuments and experience it all with peace of mind and soul propaedeutical to predisposition of a pregnancy.

The patients that choose to stay at the Fertility SPA “La Dimora Mater Matuta” (in Roman mythology, Mater Matuta was the Goddess of morning or dawn, protector of the birth of man and things) located in Montepulciano, can take advantage of a quaint Tuscan country house that we have made available to our patients.

The house was built with bioenergetic architecture principles capable of shielding the guests from electromagnetic pollutants, prevent the effects of heavy metals and organized in such a way as to keep in mind the geodynamic networks and of the negative phenomena due to natural resonators.

At the Fertility SPA “La Dimora Mater Matuta” apart from spending days of well-being, one can benefit from our regenerative antioxidant treatment offered, united with good eating habits and therapeutic procedures that favor the couple odds of receiving the miracle of life.

To render the living space more relaxing in our Fertility SPA, your excellent personal doctor and nurse are capable of providing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures on sight.