Omnia Fertilitatis, in which the Chianciano Salute is an apical health center, is an organizational leader in the human sterility field in Italy making use of their own from MAP centers, human genetic labs and gynecological exam centers localized in strategic points around our peninsula.

The use of pharmacogenetics, nutrigenomics, the innovative study techniques and embryonic implant therapy, and the study of the immune response of the embryo have allowed us in time to obtain excellent results and above all to achieve an accurate personalization of the treatment.

There is a team assembled ready to assist patients residing a long way from the clinic concentrating the work to be done in fewer appointments so as to reduce the time needed to complete the diagnostic therapeutic process to obtain success for the common goal: The birth of a new life..

Currently the first appointment can be made with the director of the clinic in Milan - Rome - Chianciano Terme - Genova - Gragnano - Crotone

But there is also another possibility, a check up online where you can easily answer the specific questions from your own home, you can receive a detailed and in-depth diagnostic plan and eventually a therapeutic protocol that can be used to speed up the process or in alternative, it can be used by the couple as a guide to evaluate and enrich the therapeutic diagnostic process should the process be undertaken by other health centers.