The Chianciano Salute Eterologa is the department of the Chianciano Salute specializing exclusively in fertilization assisted reproduction procedures. In 2014, when fertilization procedures were made legal in Italy, the Doctor Alfonso Maria Irollo, director and founder of the Chianciano Salute clinic, created the Chianciano Salute, department to speed up the fertilization process and make it more accessible..

The medical professionals, biologists and psychologists that were brought in to the department had already acquired remarkable experience abroad in the use of external fertilization gametes to achieve pregnancy.
As is shown in the MAP Registry of ISS, the Chianciano Salute Eterologa is already among the top clinics for a numerous amount of fertilization procedures and among the few to collaborate with the national health care system.


Pamegeiss is an Onlus Association in which the objective is that of which to sensitize and promote awareness about the difficulties sterile couples have among doctors, patients and the general public through discussions, seminars and conferences open to all interested. We are also hoping to raise awareness in political circles so as to the needs of the health workers and the difficulties of the patients affected by infertility.

Among other things, association activities include initiatives aimed at sustaining and helping patients as well as health care provided financial support made available to members and couples affected by sterility.